January 6, 2010

New You.

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Don’t cry! the boditorium has got you covered ❤ For a limited time all body shapes have been marked down to 50L to celebrate the New Year.

All body shapes are modify/copy/no transfer and comes with both normal and dress (system skirt) shape. I’ve included one eyebrow base meant to be worn with Cupcakes‘ skins but can be copied and modified to be worn with other skins.

view original size here.

Stop by the boditorium and try the 0L demos ❤


December 19, 2009

weekend fever 50L grace shape

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the boditorium – grace shape
(Cupcakes – Sweetheart (cameo) Luna)

the boditorium is participating in this week’s Weekend Fever Event. I’m releasing my grace shape for 50L and it will be marked up to 250L on Monday.

the boditorium – grace shape
(l.fauna // fd // cashmere // curio)

the boditorium – grace shape
(LeLutka : LE.LOOK! la femme – Skin – Estelle) LE.LOOK! Anniversary Gift

the boditorium shapes include two body shapes (normal + system skirt “dress” shapes) and an eyebrow base. Check out my body shapes here.

December 16, 2009

the boditorium – sacha shape in gala phoenix

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I’ve been seeing this all over the feeds and I’ve never owned a Gala Phoenix skin so I thought this was a great opportunity to check out their skins. I really adore it the kissy face lips and fresh face is very appealing. If you haven’t ever tried this skin line here’s your chance! Just join their update group and check the notices ❤

the boditorium – sacha shape
:GP: Petal [Light] Elf – Happy Holidays

December 13, 2009

skins for the boditorium shapes

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the boditorium shapes

I’m really liking the Cupcakes’ sweetheart skins and I’m uber excited about Launa Fauna’s L.Fauna skin line due for release! I picked out my favorite body shapes for these two skin lines and snapped a few pics ❤ All my body shapes sell for 250L and the demos are free to try. Check out the boditorium website for more info ❤

the boditorium – polaire shape
(cupcakes sweetheart skin)

the boditorium – grace shape soon to be released
(cupcakes sweetheart skin)

the boditorium – darcy shape
(l.fauna skin)

the boditorium – sacha shape
(l.fauna skin)

December 8, 2009

the boditorium – shape reviews.

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Would anyone be interested in reviewing my shapes? If so, please send a note card in-world to Puma Jie or just leave me a message to the right in my about+contact section with all your information and I will get back to you with post haste ❤

Thank you, Sydd!

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the boditorium – lane

Originally uploaded by ✘ Sydd Sinister ✘

Aww… I really smiled when I got a note card in-world that I was blogged! My smile got even wider when I saw this! Check out Sydd Sinister’s blog to see the creative looks she’s come up with using the boditorium‘s shapes.

December 7, 2009

more skin options for polaire shape

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My friend Rai was kind enough to model some skins in my polaire shape that I don’t typically own. I really like polaire in Cupcakes’ Sweetheart skins, I’m wearing *CUPCAKES – Sweetheart (Cameo) Luna in the above snapshot. But check out the other skin options Rai is wearing below ❤

the boditorium – polaire shape
[Atomic ] Hope Cream Dreamy Iced // ::Dutch Touch:: ::JoLIe:: CREAM – Dark CL1 EBBrown // ::Tuli:: KALISTA light ::16 // *blowpop* N2 Carmen – tone ! 2.1 Clavel Rosa 1

Stop by the boditorium to try any demo shape for free.

December 4, 2009

I love the new face on Cupcakes’ Sweetheart skins.

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I am really looking forward to Cupcakes‘ latest skin line release! Rosemary and Mimi are currently working on two new lines, Icon + Sweetheart and I am loving the new face on the Sweetheart line. It’s kind of similar to the Daydream skin worn below (on the left) but so much cuter ❤ There is a youthfulness to the Sweetheart face that I very much like.

the boditorium – polaire shape
Cupcakes – Daydream – Copper (group gift) // Cupcakes – Sweetheart – Cameo (group gift soon to be released)

December 3, 2009

New at the boditorium – polaire shape

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Go to the boditorium and try my latest shape polaire. I’ve stuck the demo in with the rest of the others and if you like the shape you can purchase a mod/copy/no transfer version for 250L which includes 2 body shapes (normal/system skirt “dress” shape) + eyebrow base. All my shapes work well with Cupcakes skins and I’ve snapped this shape in a few other skins that I feel are also complimentary.

the boditorium – polaire shape

lelutka // vive9 // [oh] // mina junk // chai

December 1, 2009

Chai skins for sacha shape.

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Join Launa Fauna’s Chai scribo to receive 2 sets of free skins gifts that work well with my sacha shape. Both sets of skins come with freckled and non-freckled versions in 9 different skin tones! I love how the nose on sacha looks in Chai skins. I made this shape with the intention of wearing darker skins but since the Chai gift packs come in different tones I’ve shown the shape in a few different tones.

the boditorium – sacha shape
CHAI SABLE +Tone 08+ [XOXO 1] 0L

CHAI NOVA +Freckle 04+ [Strapkini], CHAI SABLE +Tone 06+ [Strapkini] // +Tone 07+ [XOXO 1] 0L

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